Soon, a brand new Minecraft update will be released. This will include:

The Snow Golem

  • The ‘snow golem’ (once made this will defend you from other mobs, however it deals little damage)
  • The ‘mooshrum’ cow found in the new mushroom biome
  • Villagers
  • ‘Magma Cube’ (nether mob)
  • ‘Blaze’ (nether mob) drops the new ‘blaze rod’
  • Nether brick, stairs and fence
  • Lily pad (found in swamp biome)
  • Nether wart (plant will grow in the nether funnily enough)
  • Pigmen now drop a golden nugget ( 9 of these make a golden ingot)
  • You wont be able to jump repeatedly by holding the jump key

There is also talk about ‘magic’ with rituals, potions and enchantment. It is also strongly suggested that your experience points with count as almost currency. What do you most want to see in the next update? leave your answer in the comments.