Just Cause a great game!

Another great game I got for PS2 was Just Cause, made by Avalanche. Like ‘Grand theft Auto’  you can roam around a beautiful 1012 km square island. You’re a secret agent, Rico Rodriguez working for the ‘Agency’ trying to start a revolution against a corrupt President. You start of the game by getting dropped onto the Caribbean island of San Esperito. You can jack a total of 89 vehicles to fly, drive, sail and generally destroy them. Each vehicle varies by speed, durability and of cause if the have guns or not! You skydiving, parasail, car-jack, base-jump, and shoot you way through the intense 21 missions and 300 side missions to lead a nation to freedom. There is a wide range of weapons from your average pistol to rocket launchers on an army jet. This is in my top three PS2 games and should be in yours!