Battlefield 3

A few people have now asked me whether they should get Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3. I  haven’t played battlefield, but I will try to tell you what I expect from each game. Telling you its strengths in Campaign, Multiplayer and any other Game modes.

Campaign – Having not played battlefield, I don’t now the storyline but I can tell you that both games are set at the same sort of time –  not so far in the future during WW3. I expect that in Battlefield you will fly and generally drive vehicles as well as be a foot soldier. In MW3 you will be more of a foot soldier using you gun a lot but calling in airstrikes and AC130s once in a while. The past Call of Duty’s campaign have let us down, the MW2 campaign was over the top – with no storyline. Apparently though Activision have focused more on a cinematic experience for MW3 and will have a storyline, following on from MW2.

Multiplayer –  Both games are set at the same time, and so should have the same type guns. Battlefields multiplayer is dubbed as ‘fair’ whatever that means. It is very team best, working in squads will benefits all of you. Going on a lone shooting rampage will not, because you’ll get shot with no one to back you up. Call of duty however you can play either and you get kill streaks from it! Activision has tried to make a fairer game that benefit people who plant bombs, capture flags and generally be a hero! Battlefield has bigger maps, they are vast but won’t you get lost? Call of Duty’s maps are tighter and quicker and generally you can remember them.

Modern Warfare 3

Mw3 also has a spec-ops and survival game modes both based on previous games. Survival is the zombies of MW3 and Spec-ops is from MW2. They should be fun but will they feel too familiar? Or get boring?

Which game do you want? leave your answer in the comments: