Tomorrow will see the release of the demo for Need for Speed:The Run for Xbox 360 and the day after for PS3. The next game in the Need for Speed franchise sees you race from San Francisco to New york for a $25 million reward. You, Jack seem to yet again be on the wrong side of the law in contrast to Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit where you could be part of the police force or the Racers.

Need for Speed:The Run

In this cross-country race there are no allies, no rules and winning is the only way out. You’re up against the most notorious racers from all over the world, racing through dense city centers, down icy mountain passes and along narrow canyons. The stakes have never been higher in a Need for speed game – you win the race or lose your life. It isn’t just as simple as winning the race though for you have a ruthless police force constantly on you tail to stop this underground race. They will use any means necessary, including lethal force. A weird change to the Need for Speed franchise is that there is out-of-car action, where you jump from roof tops in a chase and attack police.

This game truly is a race for your life! pre-order by November 18th (tomorrow) and get 3 exclusive free cars! There are 3 additional Packs that you can pre-order too with a challenge series inspired by a previous Need for Speed game (Most Wanted, Carbon and Underground) plus you will get 2 other cars to use from one of the games!