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My First MOAB!

A couple of weeks ago, after Christmas I got my first ever MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs/Massive Ordinance Air Blast) and I can tell you it’s a non-nucular weapon. I achieved it on the map Interchange (Not my favourite map!) on Kill Confirmed using the Specialist Kill-streak reward. My Class:

Primary Weapon- MG36- Silencer- Kick

Secondary Weapon- Stinger

Lethal- Frag

Tactical- Flash

Perk 1- Blind Eye

Perk 2- Assassin

Perk 3- Marksman

Specialist Stricke Package- Slight Of Hand, Quick Draw, Scavanger

I must admit I didn’t use just the LMG I ran out of ammo and picked up my mates ACR 6.8 with silencer, which got most the kills. At the time my heart was pounding and my hands so sweaty! It was a tense time. I have come close to second on Bakaara in Demolition, I was going 20-0 with a PP90M1 and Acr 6.8 both silenced. Then in the second round I made the mistake of rushing into their sporn and well, lets say it didn’t go well!

When and What map have you got a MOAB on? Leave your answer in the comments:MG36

New Piazza map! Looks nice and sunny!

On the 24th January for Premium Elite members only (at the moment) a new DLC will be released. It will be completely free (you already payed for it in you elite membership) and comes with 2 maps:

Piazza, based on the coast of Italy. It reminds me of Estate (MW2) with a very vertical appearance and again the higher ground looks dominant but it also looks close quarters so its anybodies guess which weapons will be dominant but I’d put my money on the FAD or the ACR 6.8.

Libration, based in Manhattan. Looks to be the new Wasteland (MW2). Longer sight-lines means, the snipers will love it but the ‘run and gun’, rushing type will loath it! Could we see some sniping MOAB’s from talented snipers?

Liberation Castle a major camp site!

Throughout this season of new CoD content (9 months), every month the premium members will gain new maps, game modes, spec op missions and weirdly extent ion of the single player storyline. Looks to be an awesome year of CoDing! Watch the Elite video

What is your favourite map so far on MW3? Leave your answer in the comments:

Call of Duty: Elite

Improve's Map Knowledge

Call of Duty Elite is designed to bring gamers together. It helps you: connect, compete and improve. A lot of it is free, but you can buy extras and gain founder status; which has perks like getting the monthly DLC free. It really looks a helpful platform to work from – there are apps and other ways to connect directly from different technology. Connect with fellow CoD gamers to meet new people and friends. Join public groups with people who share interests with you or just for the sake of it. Create private clans for a personal multiplayer experience where you can level up as a clan and generally boast. Compete no matter what level you are. Elite offers a way to enter competitions, leagues and events for all sorts of prizes. Clans of up to 100 members can compete with each other and earn bragging rights. Improve, no matter what your skill there is always still time for improvement – admit it. Improve on Elite offers core strategies and custom stat analysis features. Improve your weapon arsenal with in-depth weapon guides and the ability to edit your classes to sync into the game!. This Improve really is the ultimate strategy guide! Weapon knowledge, map knowledge easy!

MW3: First Impressions

MW3 has been out for a bit now and I have really enjoyed playing it. From the small amount of time I played, I sort of got to grips with the weapons and a few perks. It is a cross between MW2 and Black ops, you have to take it slow yet still be aggressive. The way the guns level up is so pleasing, the maps are bight and colourful – unlike the depressing black ops maps. The proficiencies really pay of and the camo’s are really cool. The class to start of with, I would recommend is the UMP ‘rush class’ or the Noobtube ‘assault class’ ( the noobtubes are so much less powerful). I haven’t got to grips with the maps as so many people probably haven’t yet. My tip is to take it slow for the first couple of games on a map and look for the camping and high traffic spots – not to mention the cut throughs and short cuts. The new perks are so hard to remember for they have been renamed and revamped – in this blog I won’t go there. The decent guns are the Scar-l and M4A1 and fell good and handle well. Start of with the ‘Support Strike Pakage’ to maximise your point steaks and help make up for those noobie instances at the start of the game. It also helps your team mates. Another bonus is that if you die half way through your streak then your hard work doesn’t die with you, you keep building on this type of point streak. Once you have got to know the maps and are ‘at one with your gun’ move on to the ‘Assault Strike Package’ for the bigger better kill streaks! Hope this helped – remember to subscribe up for updates, there will be more in depth blogs about the game. Good look in your killings!

What’s your favourite class setup in MW3? leave your answer in the comments:

MW3: 1 Day Left!

The time is almost upon us where we stop playing MW2 or Black ops and put MW3 in our disc tray. Yes folks it is 1 whole day till Modern Warfare 3 comes out. I just can’t contain my self. I will have 2 prestige tokens – from prestiging in Black ops and MW2 plus 4 hours double XP which I got from pre-ordering of Game. I will keep you updated on: what I think of the game, which guns are the best, the best camping spots on maps and tones of other stuff. So follow this blog by clicking at the top right hand corner and entering your email address.

MW3 for $1725

Mw3 has been mistakenly sold early on eBay for $1725. Now, I know a lot to pay for a video game but you’ve got to admire the balls and money of this guy. He has the game early he can be 50 levels a head by the time we get it! One copy was placed on eBay and sold for nearly 29 times the retail price. It was bid for 88 times in total.

Early play may carry a harsh price. Xbox live’s Director of Policy and Enforcement Steven Tolouse tweeted ‘re-release play not authorised. Please be patient playing early may impact your account’. Activision has put these rumours at rest though saying they have no interest in banning players who get the game earlier. They just ask for ‘everyone to wait for Tuesday when everyone can play the game together’

If you were at that auction, at what price would you stop bidding? Leave your answer in the comments:

Modern Warfare 3!

MW3 Game deal

The new instalment in the Call of Duty franchise is coming! Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) is released on the 11th November. The solo picks up straight after its predecessor Modern Warfare 2 and it’s hypothetic WW3 and includs the stars of the game (John ‘soap’ McTavish and Cpt. John Price). Luckilly the game will focus more on the story telling aspect, something MW2 lacked. It is a clasic CoD campagain, a  ‘very cinematic experiance with inseane action moments’. The Co-op mode will feature ‘Spec ops’ like in MW2 and the new addition of ‘Survival’ a horde bassed game mode, dubed the ‘Zombies of Modern Warfare 3’.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 box

The Multiplayer should paly like MW2, fast paced and addrenalin pumping. The wepons will have stoping power included and so wont be a perk. Not returning from Black ops:

  • Dive-to-prone (dolphin dive)
  • Combat training (probably replaced with survival)
  • Second chance
  • Multiplayer currency (CoD points)

Not returning from MW2:

  • One man army (no more OMA noob tubes!)
  • Stopping power (included in guns)
  • Danger close
  • Commando (no more 600 meter lunges)
  • Last stand
  • Tactical nuke

The confermed guns:


Assault Rifles:

  • M4A1
  • M16A4 (3 round burst)
  • SCAR-L
  • CM901
  • Type 95 (3 round burst)
  • G36C
  • ACR 6.1
  • MK14 (semi-automatic)
  • Ak-47
  • FAD

Submachine Guns:

  • MP5
  • UMP45
  • PP90M1
  • P90
  • PM-9
  • MP7
  • Mp5K
  • AK-74u

Light Machine Guns:

  • L86 LSW
  • MG36
  • PKP pecheneg
  • MK46
  • M60E4


  • USAS-12 (fully automatic)
  • KSG 12 (pump action)
  • SPAS-12 (pump action)
  • AA-12 (fully automatic)
  • Stricker (semi-automatic)
  • Model 1887 (lever-action)

Sniper Rifles:

  • Barrett .50cal
  • L118A (bolt-action)
  • Dragunov
  • AS50
  • MSR (bolt-action)
  • Riot Sheld



  • USP.45
  • P99
  • MP412
  • .44 Magnum
  • Fire Seven
  • Desert Eagal

Machine Pistols:

  • FMG9
  • MP9
  • Scorpion
  • G18


  • SMAW (Multiperpose rocket)
  • Javelin (vehical or location lock on)
  • Stinger (vehical lock on only)
  • XM25
  • M320 GLM
  • RPG-7