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Minecraft Xbox 360!

This weekend at MineCon fans and guests will be treated to a look at the Minecraft Xbox 360 game coming out in the Spring. They will also see a Minecraft Xbox 360. It is still unknown if this will be a limited edition thing with only a few around or mass produced.

MineCon is this weekend at Las Vegas. It will have lots of fun activites, there will be the Xbox Minecraft game, the full Minecraft Version and much much more!

Minecraft iOS

Minecraft Pocket Edition has finally come to iPhones, iPods and iPads. Yes Minecraft has come to Apple! A listing on the New Zealand Itunes Store shows the game to be available for $9.99 (NZ Dollar) which is about $6.99 (US Dollar), that’s about the same price as the Android Version. The game will be compatible with any device running iOS 4.3 or higher. unfortunately the specifications are to high for my first generation iPod touch!

According to the description the game will allow players to ‘move beyond the limits of your computer and play Minecraft everywhere you go’. The game is unfortunately limited to Creative mode with only 36 kinds of blocks for building with. It will still randomly generate worlds for you and using WI-Fi players can invite others to their world! The game is looks lacking in areas for there are less blocks to play with and no survival mode. However it is new and will obviously be updated, it’s still a long way to go!

Just a quick update!

A few things to blog about, but such little time. First Battlefield 3 has been out just over a week and has sold 5 million copies but Call of Duty Black ops sold that in its first day. So the analyst may be right Call of Duty just might outsell Battlefield 2-1.

Minecraft has won the GameCity video game arts prize! It is a pretty beautiful game – in a blocky sort of way. It was announced at the end of the GameCity video game culture festival in Nottingham! It won over other big titles like Valve’s Portal 2. ‘Its a great honour to be compared to those games’ Says Swedish creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson. the game has been bought over 4 million times world-wide even though it’s still a beta! Remember it is due out next month.

The Grand Thief Auto v (GTA) trailer is out. I don’t know much about GTA so I probably won’t be blogging about it.

007 Goldeneye: Reloaded comes out today for Europe. It stars Daniel Craig, with better graphics than the Wii version. A multiplayer is also included along with a story-line and a MI6 ops mode. For more info click this link.

I’ve got too many items!


Recently I’ve been ‘modding’ Minecraft to be better and have more content. My first ‘mod’ was the ‘toomanyitems’ mod which is an ‘INVedit’ (inventory edit) and it’s really helpful for building something quickly. It can sort of defeat the purpose of the game for some people and instead of Minecraft it becomes Craft – you don’t have to work to get resources, you have all of the blocks and items in the game at the touch of a button. To get one diamond normally would take a good 20-25 mins of searching but with toomanyitems you can conger up a stack in a matter of seconds. You may think of it as cheating but that’s only if you constantly use it, lets say your mining, but your iron pick has run out and you come across a large diamond vein then you don’t want to go all the way back to make a pick, you want to mine it there and now! And you can with toomanyitems. It can be tricky to download with you having to download ‘winrar‘,  toomanyitems and opening jars ect. but once you know what you’re doing it becomes second nature and it is one of the easier mods to install. If you want to download this mod for 1.8 watch this video.

What texture pack or Minecraft mod do you suggest for me to try next? leave your answer in the comments:


Minecraft 1.9 Update

Soon, a brand new Minecraft update will be released. This will include:

The Snow Golem

  • The ‘snow golem’ (once made this will defend you from other mobs, however it deals little damage)
  • The ‘mooshrum’ cow found in the new mushroom biome
  • Villagers
  • ‘Magma Cube’ (nether mob)
  • ‘Blaze’ (nether mob) drops the new ‘blaze rod’
  • Nether brick, stairs and fence
  • Lily pad (found in swamp biome)
  • Nether wart (plant will grow in the nether funnily enough)
  • Pigmen now drop a golden nugget ( 9 of these make a golden ingot)
  • You wont be able to jump repeatedly by holding the jump key

There is also talk about ‘magic’ with rituals, potions and enchantment. It is also strongly suggested that your experience points with count as almost currency. What do you most want to see in the next update? leave your answer in the comments.