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Minecraft Lego?

”Seeing Lego Minecraft set is also our dream… Minecraft is about placing blocks to anything you can imagine in the virtual world. You can build anything you can imagine with Lego bricks in the Physical world. Minecraft and Lego were meant to be together.” Mojang revealed about a Minecraft Lego range idea. They invited some Lego fans behind previous Lego ideas to help with the designs.

”AS the Official Minecraft Lego Project, we will work with the Lego Group to secure a licensing agreement and donate 1% royalty from Lego Cuusoo to charity”

As you can see it looks more like an idea at the moment but I can’t wait till I get to build a Lego Creeper! Ssssssuper!

Minecraft: Why I play it

Minecraft seems a pointless game for many. It can be boring for some. Others like me really enjoy it. But why? Well firstly the blocky look if the game is so pleasing and clean. The freedom to build and destroy whatever and whenever you want. It’s your world and yours only. The things you can build, the towering and the widest walls. The fact it has things no other game has seen like the ‘creeper’sssssssso unique! Basically the freedom over you vast blocky world to make huge things and kill creepers is what I like.

What do you like about Minecraft? leave your answer in the comments:

Minecraft Xbox 360!

This weekend at MineCon fans and guests will be treated to a look at the Minecraft Xbox 360 game coming out in the Spring. They will also see a Minecraft Xbox 360. It is still unknown if this will be a limited edition thing with only a few around or mass produced.

MineCon is this weekend at Las Vegas. It will have lots of fun activites, there will be the Xbox Minecraft game, the full Minecraft Version and much much more!

Minecraft on Apple?

A few days ago a Minecraft Pocket Edition was released for Android. An Apple App is in development. I hope that it will be released on an earlier iOS, so it’s compatible with my first generation Ipod touch. If not an upgrade might be in order. A Xbox Edition is also in development and I hope it won’t be too expensive for I’ve already shelled out £15 for the computer version. There could be a system that if you buy the game on one platform you get it free, or a least for a discount on another. However I doubt it, for people could share their acounts to get the game. If Minecraft is being released on so many platforms, will we be seeing  an Ipad, Macbook, Playstation, or Nintendo Edition?