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The Xbox Dashboard update came out yesterday as many of you will be aware. Already there are many problems like the inability to connect to Xbox Live.  The most serious of these problems are broken consoles. If you have a complant about the new update head to the Xbox status page.

In my opinion the new update looks sleek, it offers a new tonne of stuff and it really separates it form the Sony’s PSN system. I really like it and I really thought i wouldn’t. What do you think? And have you had any problems? Leave your answer in the comments:


Minecraft on Apple?

A few days ago a Minecraft Pocket Edition was released for Android. An Apple App is in development. I hope that it will be released on an earlier iOS, so it’s compatible with my first generation Ipod touch. If not an upgrade might be in order. A Xbox Edition is also in development and I hope it won’t be too expensive for I’ve already shelled out £15 for the computer version. There could be a system that if you buy the game on one platform you get it free, or a least for a discount on another. However I doubt it, for people could share their acounts to get the game. If Minecraft is being released on so many platforms, will we be seeing  an Ipad, Macbook, Playstation, or Nintendo Edition?