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Minecraft: Why I play it

Minecraft seems a pointless game for many. It can be boring for some. Others like me really enjoy it. But why? Well firstly the blocky look if the game is so pleasing and clean. The freedom to build and destroy whatever and whenever you want. It’s your world and yours only. The things you can build, the towering and the widest walls. The fact it has things no other game has seen like the ‘creeper’sssssssso unique! Basically the freedom over you vast blocky world to make huge things and kill creepers is what I like.

What do you like about Minecraft? leave your answer in the comments:

Minecraft on Xbox?

With all the update Minecraft on Xbox would loo like this!

Apparently Minecraft will only be coming to one console when it releases this month. Recently creator Notch confirmed it would only becoming to Xbox live – sorry PS3 people. If you want to get your hands on the Xbox version before anyone else you will have to go to the Minecon convention on the 18-19 November in Las Vegas.  I want to go but, its along way from Britain.

I’ve got too many items!


Recently I’ve been ‘modding’ Minecraft to be better and have more content. My first ‘mod’ was the ‘toomanyitems’ mod which is an ‘INVedit’ (inventory edit) and it’s really helpful for building something quickly. It can sort of defeat the purpose of the game for some people and instead of Minecraft it becomes Craft – you don’t have to work to get resources, you have all of the blocks and items in the game at the touch of a button. To get one diamond normally would take a good 20-25 mins of searching but with toomanyitems you can conger up a stack in a matter of seconds. You may think of it as cheating but that’s only if you constantly use it, lets say your mining, but your iron pick has run out and you come across a large diamond vein then you don’t want to go all the way back to make a pick, you want to mine it there and now! And you can with toomanyitems. It can be tricky to download with you having to download ‘winrar‘,  toomanyitems and opening jars ect. but once you know what you’re doing it becomes second nature and it is one of the easier mods to install. If you want to download this mod for 1.8 watch this video.

What texture pack or Minecraft mod do you suggest for me to try next? leave your answer in the comments: