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Long Break

Hi guys, I’m not dead after all and sorry for not posting in a while! I’ve had a very long break from blogging due to exams and just playing games, I mean why blog about them when you haven’t really played them? Silly isn’t it! So what have I been playing? Well mostly Skyrim: Ender Scrolls with a bit of MW3 and Fallout 3 added in to the mix. I did go back to MW2 for a bit of reminiscing until I got annoyed with the damn noobtubes being thrown around.

So once again sorry for not posting! You should be seeing stuff from me pretty soon. Watch out!

Just a quick update!

A few things to blog about, but such little time. First Battlefield 3 has been out just over a week and has sold 5 million copies but Call of Duty Black ops sold that in its first day. So the analyst may be right Call of Duty just might outsell Battlefield 2-1.

Minecraft has won the GameCity video game arts prize! It is a pretty beautiful game – in a blocky sort of way. It was announced at the end of the GameCity video game culture festival in Nottingham! It won over other big titles like Valve’s Portal 2. ‘Its a great honour to be compared to those games’ Says Swedish creator Markus ‘Notch’ Persson. the game has been bought over 4 million times world-wide even though it’s still a beta! Remember it is due out next month.

The Grand Thief Auto v (GTA) trailer is out. I don’t know much about GTA so I probably won’t be blogging about it.

007 Goldeneye: Reloaded comes out today for Europe. It stars Daniel Craig, with better graphics than the Wii version. A multiplayer is also included along with a story-line and a MI6 ops mode. For more info click this link.